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Alexandre Ferri
Bruno Mauvais
Olivier Bricard
Sylvie Guesdon
Valérie Louzier
Ferri is an auction house created in 1969 by Marc Ferri and located 53, rue Vivienne, in the Bourse district, 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

Raised in a family of stockbrokers and notaries, auctioneer Marc FERRI acquired a discreet reputation for expertise and professionalism. When the profession was reformed in 2002, he created the FERRI firm and partnered with his son Alexandre.

In 2010, Alexandre FERRI was appointed legal auctioneer and became head of FERRI after his father. Supported by a team of eight collaborators, he continued the work of his father, based on the same values of expertise, rigor and professionalism. He took the opportunity of this transition to adjust his methods to technological progress as well as the evolutions at work in the profession.

FERRI & associés organizes about thirty general or specialized public sales every year: Furniture and Objects, Old Drawings and Paintings, Modern Paintings, Books and Manuscripts, Engravings, Asian Art, Jewelry, 20th century Decorative Arts, Hunting items, Popular Art etc. These sales are conducted in tight collaboration with renowned experts, especially for prestigious collections. These sales are conducted in tight collaboration with renowned experts, especially for prestigious collections.

Some of Ferri’s prestigious auctions:
  • Collection of Rena and Jean-Louis DUMAS
  • Former PEREIRE collection
  • Le monde merveilleux de Patrick DIANT
  • Jean DEYROLLE African art collection
  • Pierre MONDY vinyl records collection

For each sale:
  • An illustrated catalogue is sent to a selection of French and international potential buyers.
  • Information is provided on various digital platforms, social and traditional medias.
  • An exhibition is held prior to the sale, as well as specific and thematic exhibitions.
  • A private presentation is held for potential bidders.

About DROUOT, the first world public auction house.
FERRI also works with DROUOT auction house. Targeted at the largest audience, from neophytes to the most demanding connoisseurs, DROUOT hosts about 1,600 sales every year, and provides the opportunity to buy over 500,000 exclusive lots. Benefiting from a worldwide renowned expertise, DROUOT is a unique model and gathers 72 collaborators.

Whether single items or entire collections, we provide expertise for all types of objects, assisted by specialized experts when necessary.
Our assessment is free of charge and confidential.

Inventory has been the corner stone of our activity since 30 years. Whether in the framework of a succession planning, a partition, for insurance or a sale, each inventory is made by an auctioneer and results in the editing of an official confidential document precisely describing and assessing the items, addressed to the owner.
Authorized legal auctioneers Alexandre FERRI and Bruno MAUVAIS also establish prices in the framework of inheritance inventory made by notary.

Our fee is calculated based on the time spent and on the percentage of the total estimated amount. FERRI provides cost estimate on request. When followed by a sale, inventories are free of charge.

To assess an item or to ask for an inventory, you can: :
  • Contact us or send us a picture via email ( or mail and provide all the necessary information (dimensions of the item, date, state etc).
  • Take an appointment at home
  • Drop your items for assessment from Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 6pm.

In order to help you in your purchase, for some auctions, we publish catalogues with descriptions and pictures of the items for sale. These catalogues also provide information about the locations, dates and hours of the public auction, along with sale conditions.

During the sale, the auctioneer declares the last and highest bidder to be the buyer. He becomes the owner of the sold item, and is under the obligation to pay cash and to give his name and address.

Buyer’s costs are calculated based on the amount of the auction sale.

Buyers can make cash payment by certified checks, Visa cards or cash (up until 1,000 €), transfers or online payments (click here).

All our catalogued sales are simultaneously live-broadcast in order for collectors to bid no matter their geographic location (click here).

You can also register prior to the sale and issue a purchase order.