vendredi 29 septembre 2023 15:00
Salle 4 - Hôtel Drouot , 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
Sale information

Public exhibitions :

Wednesday, September 27, 11am-6pm

Thursday, September 28 from 11am to 8pm

Sale morning from 11am to 12pm

Sales conditions

1. The sale will be made expressly in cash and will be conducted in euros. The highest bidder and last bidder will be required to pay cash and provide their name, mailing address and email address.

2. The purchaser must pay 27% T.T.C. in addition to the auction amount. Bank charges for foreign transfers will be borne by the buyer. Payments by foreign credit cards will be charged an additional 1.20%. No foreign cheques will be accepted.

3. In the event of a dispute at the time of the tenders, that is to say if it is established that two or more bidders have simultaneously made an equivalent auction, either aloud or by sign, and claim at the same time this object after the pronouncement of the word awarded, the object will be tendered at the price proposed by the bidders and all the public present will be allowed to bid again.

4. Any changes to the catalogue descriptions may be announced during the sale and will be recorded in the sales minutes. No claim will be allowed for restorations of use and small accidents, the public exhibition having allowed the examination of the works proposed for sale. Dimensions and estimates are provided for information purposes only.

5. The successful bidder may pay in cash, up to €1,000 (including fees and taxes) for an individual resident of France, by bank transfer or credit card (excluding American Express). No lot will be given to the buyers before payment of all amounts due.

6. In the absence of payment by the successful bidder, after formal notice remained unsuccessful, the property will be put back on sale at the request of the seller, on “folle enchere” of the defaulting bidder, immediately or at the first opportunity. If the seller does not make his request within one month of the auction, he gives us any mandate to act on his behalf. As such, FERRI reserves the right, at its discretion, to collect interest on all amounts due, from a formal notice that has not been issued. To reject, at any future auction, any offer made by the defaulting buyer or obtain a prior deposit before accepting his bids. In the event of resale on “folle enchere”, to make the fol bidder bear any loss of value, in relation to the price reached at the first auction. Finally, to exercise all the rights and all the remedies belonging to the secured creditors on all the property in its possession belonging to the buyer.

7. All invoiced VAT will be refunded to non-resident persons of the European Union provided that they make a written request to the accounting department of FERRI within three months after the sale, and on presentation of copy 3 of the customs export document (DAU) on which FERRI must appear as sender and the buyer as recipient. The export must take place within the legal deadlines.

8. If you wish to make an offer in writing or to bid by phone, you can use the form at the end of the catalogue. It must reach us at the latest the morning of the vacation, accompanied by your contact details and bank guarantees. In the case of several offers to purchase of the same amount, the first bid shall pr evail over the others.

9. Bidding by phone and on the platform via Live is a service to customers. Under no circumstances can FERRI be held responsible for having missed an order by mistake or for a computer or telephone technical problem.

10. Upon award of the contract, the objects shall be the sole responsibility of the successful tenderer. Tenderers are advised to collect their lots as soon as possible to avoid handling and guarding costs, which are their responsibility. The shopping does not engage the responsibility of the Sales Company in any capacity whatsoever. All formalities and shipping are the responsibility of the buyer. Unless otherwise agreed with FERRI, the application for an Export Certificate, or any other administrative document, does not affect the buyer’s cash payment obligation.

11. Purchases may only be removed after full payment by the successful bidder. All lots can be removed during or after the vacation on presentation of the authorization to issue the accounting department of FERRI.

12. Furniture, paintings and objects awarded via the platform that have not been removed, before the day after the sale - until 10 a.m. - at Drouot Richelieu, will be stored at the Hôtel Drouot Shopping Department (access by 6bis, rue Rossini 75009 Paris. Open only by appointment to be taken online: The processing and storage fees will be payable directly to the Hotel Drouot Shopping Department, before or at the time of collection of the lots and upon presentation of the receipt paid by FERRI accounting and the sales label.

13. Furniture, paintings and bulky objects sold by telephone or by order of purchase that have not been removed by their purchasers the day after the sale before 10 a.m., in the dining room at Drouot Richelieu, will also be stored in the Shopping Department of the Hôtel Drouot. Only items of small volume sold by telephone or on order of purchase will be transported to FERRI, in our premises where they will be kept free of charge. FERRI reserves the right, in case of storage for an indefinite period, to send the objects to a storage room, at the expense of the buyer.